With my roots in traditional hot forging I work with metal in all forms. My works are often based on narratives that I find around me, these are then processed in the workshop in a dialogue with material, its proprieties and historic references and more.
To me metal is a material, inspiration and poetry.

Take care / Karl Hallberg

I passed Mfa in Iron and Steel / Public Space at Steneby, university of Gothenburg 2010, since 2005 member of Not Quite Fengersfors, artist co-op in Sweden. At Not Quite I have been working managing our international projects and as the president of the non profit organisation, with the issues and possibilities of an artist collective.

As an artist I started with traditional ironwork, blacksmithing and discovered the possibilities of the material as I moved on to higher education. As years passed I got interested in the public space and its function especially public art, monuments and such – who are they for and who decides what is to be remembered? I believe that art in public space can discuss the conventions of a society, and I would like everyone to feel free to express their thoughts in public, the reactions are always surprising and useful as well as for the one sharing as for the public.

At Not Quite the public space is a small village of 600 persons and our artistic projects is becoming part of the identity of the village, slowly but surely.